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The Ghosts of Grammar Lessons Past

As an editor, college writing skills teacher, and avid reader, I am constantly bemoaning the demise of the English language, more specifically correct grammar and spelling. When I teach my college students writing skills, we start with the absolute basics, like parts of speech, and go from there. I’m often shocked and dismayed by what my students don’t remember from prior education, or never knew at all.
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Yeah, What She Said

Many authors, especially first-timers, have concerns about working with an editor. These are valid concerns, and they need to be addressed. And they have been, by someone who has said the words I want to say, in a much better way than I could have said them. Read on, authors, and you’ll see exactly what your editor would like you to know before, during, and after the editing process.

The Comma Conundrum


Just how important are the finer nuances of written English anyway? Why does it matter if something is capitalized or if there is a comma in a certain spot or not? Who really cares?

As an adjunct professor of writing skills, I often hear these questions from my students. With the explosion of “text writing” and its abbreviations, acronyms and so forth, many have seemed to lose the art of composing a coherent, correct sentence. What’s worse, in my opinion, is that so few people seem to care.
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