Story Catcher Package

As a business owner in this highly competitive landscape, you’ve heard that to give your brand and reputation an edge, you should write a book. It will increase your reputation as an industry expert and set you apart from your competition. But – are you excited at the prospect of becoming an author? Do you love to write? If the answer to both was a resounding “no!” then don’t spend another minute worrying about how this will get done. Every business owner has a story locked inside them, and I’m your Story Catcher, better known as a ghostwriter. I’ll work with you to free your ideas and experiences and create an awesome book that will hook your readers from page one.

My Story Catcher Package will get your book written in less than six months. This includes:

  1. Researching your industry and competitors’ works
  2. Interviewing you to gather and organize your ideas
  3. Planning and outlining your book
  4. Ghostwriting original content based on interviews or research
  5. Walk-throughs at key points in the book’s progress
  6. Revising in accordance with your guidelines
  7. Precise editing to ensure your book is error-free

Set up a free consultation with me today to discuss your book idea and get your ghostwriting project started!