Puzzle Pieces Package

If you’re a jigsaw puzzle fan, you know what it’s like when you dump the box out onto the table and the pieces are in a big pile all over. You know at some point it will be a beautiful picture, but it’s just not there yet. Does this scenario remind you at all of your writing?

You know that as an entrepreneur, a book is like your golden ticket. A well-written book can prove your knowledge and experience in your industry. It can get you more customers, more speaking engagements, more money.

You have wonderful ideas for your book—truly amazing ideas! These ideas have just been flowing out of you! They could be:

  • Blogs you’ve written
  • Chapters of the book you envision, in no particular order
  • Ideas scribbled in a notebook (or typed in a word document)
  • A bunch of sticky notes all over your wall

So here they are…all these ideas…like puzzle pieces all over the table…NOW WHAT?

First things first: You and I will sit down for a strategy session. Working with you, I will get a deeper understanding of not just the material, but the exact value you want to gain from this endeavor. More speaking engagements? Higher paying clients? Fulfilling a life goal? Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out together.

Once we decide we are a good fit for one another, it’s simply a matter of putting all those puzzle pieces—pages—together. I can help you do that with my Puzzle Pieces package. Here’s what you get:

  1. I start with a complete reading of the material in whatever form you have ready.
  2. I identify the missing puzzle pieces–writing that will provide a bridge between some of your completed pieces. You can write them, or I can write them for you.
  3. Now that we have all the necessary pieces, I sort through the material, putting it into proper order, including chapters and sections within chapters.
  4. I make suggestions for changes, additions, and deletions to make your writing shine.
  5. We work on my suggestions together to incorporate them into your book.
  6. The final stage is a second complete reading of the final product, including corrections of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors so your piece is polished to perfection.
  7. I deliver the completed product to you.
  8. I provide a book marketing schedule, which includes pulling excerpts of chapters for use in your blog posts and email marketing campaigns.

Is your writing not quite ready for prime time? Are the puzzle pieces not in place yet? Are you ready to put the puzzle together and see the gorgeous picture of more clients, more speaking engagements, increased revenue? Schedule your consultation today and let’s get you on the road to authorship!